EU Enlargement – Gains With or Without Membership

Arnswald, Ulrich (2001) EU Enlargement – Gains With or Without Membership. Global Player - International Management & Business Culture (5). pp. 4-7.


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Enlargement is one of the greatest opportunities for the European Union (EU) at the beginning of the 21st century. So far, thirteen applicant states are waiting ante portas: Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Turkey. The peaceful integration of these societies from across the whole continent is a unique historic, political, and socio-economic opportunity. Extending security and political stability as well as prosperity to such a large pool of EU candidates is an extraordinary challenge. The task is without precedent in terms of its scope and diversity: the EU could increase its area by 57%, its population by 170 million citizens and it could gain a new cultural and historical background in the near future.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Enlagerment; European Union; opportunity; EU; 21st century; applicant states; ante portas; Bulgaria; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Estonia; Hungary; Latvia; Lithuania; Malta; Poland; Romania; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; Turkey; integration; society; continent; history; politics; socio-economic; security; stability; prosperity; candidates; challenge; task; scope; diversity; area; population; gain; culture; background; future; change; democracy; dictatorship; economy; monopoly; pluralism; shortage; market-based system; diplomacy; dissolution; achievement; trade; maturity; flood; catastrophe; growth; average; income gap; Eurostat; European Commission; capita income; generation; foreign investment; membership; acceleration; political system; reform; obligation; legislation; access; procedure; transition; financial capacity; option; private sector; counterweight; privatizations; budget; discipline; norms; contradiction; reference; consensus; power; dominant power; contemporary; Helsinki summit; European council; wave system; rolling timetable; timetable; competitive edge; negotiations; implementation; market economy; provisions; pre-conditions; Copenhagen criteria; candidate country; rule of law; death penalty; minority rights; marketplace; future candidate; European Monetary Union; EMU; Maastricht criteria; inflation; budgetary discipline; public debt; interest rate; national currency; Euro; Euroland; international monetary system; macroeconomic policy; spill-over; spill-over effect; quality; public institutions; administrative capacity; accession-related objectives; objectives; acquis communautaire; public management systems; public procurement; financial control; competition regulations; reliable administrative capacities; public expenditure management; external audit; civil service; policy-making; policy coordination; quality standards; benefit; strengthened relations; political dialogue; tailored strategies; intake; national economies; prospective membership; Amsterdam Treaty; Court of Justice; Council of Ministers; single market; Treaty of Rome; impact; fast lane; reform process, ambition; impetus; government; drop-out; crisis; judicial system; human rights; civil service structure; non-governmental organisations; professional organisations; border disputes; settlement; historical disputes; programs; education; youth; training; research; cross-border; co-operation; projects; participation; transnational; network; trans-european; Trans-European networks program; highways; railway tracks; aid; environment; safety; nuclear power stations; crime; organized crime; corruption; pre-requirements; progress; harmonization; tax revenues; black economy; state deficit; liberalization; agricultural policy; consumer protection; military; restructure; defense industry; hardware; conversion; legal acquisition; control; weapon; preferential; preference; trade barriers; relaxation; free movement; goods; capital movement; removal; measures; competitive; mission; peace; European continent.
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