The Metaphysical Subject as Background to the Early Wittgenstein"s Epistemology

Armstrong, Brian (2003) The Metaphysical Subject as Background to the Early Wittgenstein"s Epistemology. In: UNSPECIFIED Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society, pp. 22-23.


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Proposition 4.1121 of the Tractatus states that epistemology is the philosophy of psychology. What should we take this to mean? Philosophy, on Tractarian terms, is an activity by which thoughts are clarified. This activity ranges from checking terms to see if they have meaning to investigating a network for its regularity. Epistemology, then, would be the philosophical analysis and clarification of any possible psychology, although it is not clear what a psychology on Tractarian terms would be. Understanding what such a psychology might be is necessary if we are to understand better what this epistemology would demand of us; however, to approach such an understanding, we will need to attend to the notion of subjectivity at work in the Tractatus and to the way it is related to thought and logic.

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