Some Wittgensteinian theses proved

Slater, B.H. (1994) Some Wittgensteinian theses proved. Wittgenstein Studien, 1 (2).

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Wittgenstein's Tractarian point, at 3.332, not only can be substantiated rigorously, but can itself be used to prove several central anti-Platonist these Wittgenstein's later philosophy. It is also a central point which frustrates any fundamentalist demand for determinateness of sense, and so reveals important facts about what meaning is, and its relation to truth. Further forthright conclusions are derivable, in this manner, as well, notably in the philosophy of Arithmetic, and centrally in connection with Goedel's Theorems. These not only make the Wittgensteinian position more clear cut, but they also show that that position is quite thoroughgoing, and not at all accidental.

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