Informatives and/or Directives. (A New Start in Speech Act Classification)

Meggle, Georg (1997) Informatives and/or Directives. (A New Start in Speech Act Classification). Pragmatik. Implikaturen und Sprechakte, Linguistische Berichte, Sonderheft, 8.


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Any classification of illocutionary acts to be well-founded has to be based on logical principles characteristic of the different kinds of these acts; and the relevant principles have to be couched in terms of general action theory. This approach is specified for informatives and directives, and the essential connections between these two (most basic?) types of illocutionary acts are explicated and diagrammed - showing some primacy of the former. Discussion, of why in talking about communicative acts some divergence from ordinary language is to be recommended. Plea for starting speech act classification anew - of course, using better means.

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Subjects: Philosophie > Philosophische Disziplinen > Logik, analytische Philosophie
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