Paul, Denis (1996) Reminiscences. Wittgenstein Studien, 3 (2).

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In February of 1995, Dr Rothhaupt sent me photocopies of a pamphlet written by Victor Gollancz on Buchenwald, a long letter by him to the News Chronicle, and a letter to him from Wittgenstein mentioning both (a quite formidable letter, to which I cannot imagine how he replied -- but his daughter tells me that his reply is printed in Victor Gollancz by Ruth Dudley Edwards, from where it has also been printed in Wittgenstein Studies). Dr Rothhaupt asked me if I could contribute any recollections of my own about the impact of Buchenwald and about any related topics. Since then so many anniversary details have been broadcast and printed that my memory has been both jogged and replenished, and in some cases disagreements with other people's memories have surfaced.

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