Semantica de los nombres propios, deictico y terminos de clase

Vazquez, Juan (2000) Semantica de los nombres propios, deictico y terminos de clase. Teorema, XIX (1). pp. 75-92.

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: As the century draws to a close, the philosophy of language is confronted with two different approaches to proper names, deictics and class terms: theories of direct reference and theories of sense. Currently, there is no alternative combining the advantages of each and avoiding the pitfalls of both. In this paper I draw attention to how the dual notion of object formulated by Peirce in numerous passages of his Collected Papers and by Husserl in paragraph 131 of the Ideas allows an analysis of the use of proper names, deictics and class terms that is compatible with both the rigidity thesis and recognition of the important role of sense in determining reference.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Class; Language; Proper-Name; Semantictics; Term; Deictics; Husserl E.; Peirce C.
Subjects: Philosophie > Philosophische Journale, Kongresse, Vereinigungen > Teorema. Revista internacional de filosofia > Volume XIX (2000)
Philosophie > Philosophische Disziplinen > Phänomenologie
Philosophie > Philosophische Disziplinen > Sprachphilosophie
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