Las mujeres y los animales

Charlton, Anna E. (1999) Las mujeres y los animales. Teorema, XVIII (3). pp. 103-115.

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In considering how to revolutionize and improve the relationship between humans and nonhumans, "ecofeminist" thinkers, frequently argue that rights should be eschewed as patriarchal, hierarchical and atomistic, and the relationship between humans, nonhuman animals, and nature should be governed by an "ethic of care". This short paper argues that, even without a detailed defense of rights theory, a "commonsense" examination of the ethic of care shows that ecofeminism cannot provide adequate protection for the basic interest of nonhuman animals.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Animal; Care; Ethics; Oppression; Protection; Rights
Subjects: Philosophie > Philosophische Journale, Kongresse, Vereinigungen > Teorema. Revista internacional de filosofia > Volume XVIII (1999)
Philosophie > Philosophische Disziplinen > Angewandte Ethik > Feministische Ethik
Philosophie > Philosophische Disziplinen > Angewandte Ethik > Bioethik, Medizinethik, Psychologische Ethik, Ökologie-Ethik, Tierethik, Evolutionäre Ethik
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