The Role of Social and Cultural Environment in the Determination of Faith in Islamic Theology

Biçer, Ramazan (2003) The Role of Social and Cultural Environment in the Determination of Faith in Islamic Theology. In: UNSPECIFIED Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society, pp. 36-39.

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In Arabic the term Ä«mÄ?n is derived from the root "a-m-nâ€?, it
is in the "if"al� form and means, "to give confidence to
others�, "to be ensured�, "to confirm and to accept�. Verb
form "Ä?manaâ€? means "removal of fear and replacing it with
In Islamic terminology the definition of Ä«mÄ?n given in
Gabriel hadith in which six principles of Ä«mÄ?n is mentioned
similarly the term Ä?mentu, which forms knowledge of
catechism, is symbolized to mean Ä«mÄ?n. This is why
definitions of Ä«mÄ?n given in many books do not state what
Ä«mÄ?n is, instead tell about what to believe in.
Generally speaking, the definition of Ä«mÄ?n is given as
follows: "Ä«mÄ?n is to confirm (approve)â€?, "Ä«mÄ?n is confirmation
in heartâ€?, "Ä«mÄ?n is the contrivance of the heartâ€?, "Ä«mÄ?n
is to confirm by heart and to confess by speechâ€?, "Ä«mÄ?n is
contrivance in heart and is confession through speech�,
"Ä«mÄ?n is confirmation of heart, confession through speech,
and performed by deedsâ€?, "Ä«mÄ?n is speech and deedsâ€?.
According to Paul Tillich, Ä«mÄ?n is a total and centered act
of the personal self, the act of unconditional, infinite and
ultimate concern. Briefly Faith is the state of being
ultimately concerned.
According to the father of all modern Protestant Theology,
Schleiermacher, Ä«mÄ?n is the feeling of unconditional
dependence. Of course, feeling so defined does not mean
in religion what it means in popular psychology. It is not
vague and changing, but has a definite content.

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