What are performative self-contradictions?

Hedberg, Petra (2005) What are performative self-contradictions? Sats - Nordic Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 6 (No. 1). pp. 66-91.

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This essay will be divided into three main parts. The first part aims at a clarification of the 'principle of performative self-contradictions.' The first part will, therefore, elaborate the differences and similarities between simple (logico-semantic) contradictions and performative self-contradictions. The second part will focus upon the function of performative self-contradictions within transcendental pragmatics: performative self-contradictions work as the ultimate testing-ground for the discursive conditions within transcendental pragmatics. Performative self-contradictions do, as well work as a tool for the identification of speech acts that violates the discursive conditions within real discourses. The third part will deal with the question of 'ultimate justification' within transcendental pragmatics: the challenging question will be whether the petitio principii of performative self-contradictions, in analogy with the principle of contradiction, could be justified on an ultimate basis of being non-contradictory in performative sense.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Transcendental pragmatics, Karl-Otto Apel, logico-semantic contradictions, performative self-contradictions, discursive conditions, justification vs. ultimate justification, strategic vs. communicative speech acts
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