Das Drama des Zeitgeistigen – Die 'Ludwig-Wittgenstein-Industrie' als lieu de mémoire des österreichischen Wissenschaftsbetriebs

ImmlerNicole, L., Nicole/L. (2003) Das Drama des Zeitgeistigen – Die 'Ludwig-Wittgenstein-Industrie' als lieu de mémoire des österreichischen Wissenschaftsbetriebs. In: Wissen und Glauben; Beiträge zum 26. Internationalen Wittgenstein Symposium. Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society, Kirchberg am Wechsel, pp. 147-150.

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Ludwig Wittgenstein's 50th anniversary of his death two
years ago was the reason for remembering someone who
was never forgotten. These recent publications and events
are challenging to look at the 'drama' of Wittgenstein's
instrumentalisation by sience, influenced by society and
politics. It's to ask why he was so popular in various
disciplines and also each epoque had their Wittgenstein:
These different perspectives tell more about the context
than about Wittgenstein himself. About this mystic interest
in Wittgenstein some things can be said with special focus
on Biographieforschung and the Kulturwissenschaften:
The focus on biography from the very beginning in Wittgenstein
research seems to have connected the interests
of different disciplines; supported also by Wittgenstein's
own interdisciplinary philosophical writing. Further it's less
his realizations than his method-oriented thinking, which is
independent from times and disciplines and therefore
grants always new perceptions.

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