hermeneutica simbolurilor în doctrina lui platon despre adevăr

Ghenea, Viorel (2006) hermeneutica simbolurilor în doctrina lui platon despre adevăr. Analele Universitatii din Craiova, Seria Filosofie (18). pp. 210-213. ISSN 1841?8325

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The matter analyzed in this article refers to a type of
hermeneutics practiced by Heidegger in “Plato doctrine of
truth” in which the fragment belonging to the VII- th Book,
known as well as the myth of the cave, is interpreted. Or more
precisely: which is his intention regarding the interpretation
of Plato’s text? Does he intend to interpret the works of the
Greek philosopher on the whole, having as a starting point the
myth of the cave, to bring out to the light what the author
thought and what it is not clear in the text or simply the text is
a pretext for Heidegger to sustain his own conception
regarding the truth? A possible answer would be that the
German philosopher realizes a hermeneutics of symbols from
the myth of the cave and, taking into account the endless
character of the symbol, his hermeneutics can be considered
as one possible interpretation of the symbols that Plato uses in
this text. A proper way to clarify this matter is to run through
together with Heidegger the way of interpretation of the myth
of the cave.

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