On Mutual Recognition. Hegel versus Habermas and Apel.

Hedberg, Petra On Mutual Recognition. Hegel versus Habermas and Apel. cf additional information. (Unpublished)

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This paper aims at clarifying the similarities and differences between Hegel and Habermas/Apel in relation to the topic of mutual recognition. Hegel’s dialectic of master and slave in his Phenomenology of Spirit forms the point of departure. This version of Hegel’s dialectic of recognition will be compared to Habermas’ and Apel’s discourse ethics. Habermas’/Apel’s linguistic and communicative turn represents one of the main differences in this regard, and will be compared to the abstractive type of recognition that is to be found in Hegel’s Phenomenology version of this topic. The idea of mutual recognition is, nevertheless, at hand in both positions, and worth taking a closer look at.

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Additional Information: A Norwegian version of this paper were published by the Department of Philosophy, University of Bergen, 2011, ISBN: 978-82-90809-30-2. The Norwegian version carried the following title: "Anerkjennelse og frihet". The English version is not a direct translation of the Norwegian one, but deals with the subject matter in a slightly more thorough manner. The Norwegian version was a contribution to the 2011 Yearbook for the Women's network of philosophy in Bergen. The Norwegian publication is added as a PDF-file.
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